Vision and Mission

Vision of the IT Directorate

Being a work unit that is always able to provide benefits and contribute to Mercu Buana University in its efforts to become a leading and leading university to produce professionals who meet the needs of industry and society in global competition.

Mision of the IT Directorate

Planning, implementing, operationalizing and evaluating systems and information technology in a professional, effective and efficient manner for all UMB academics in organizing high-level tri darma

Applying the principles of information technology governance that are in line with UMB’s strategy, providing added value to UMB, managing risks properly and correctly, managing and utilizing resources optimally, and always ready to conduct performance evaluations from time to time.

Develop professionalism in work and worship among directorate staff who are able to be responsible, open minded, critical, have resistance to pressure, and are oriented towards the completion of targets.

Develop competencies and develop entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics to staff who contribute positively to improving the quality of life.