BOTI (Biro Operasional Teknologi Informasi) was previously named PJI (Network and Internet Center), PJI began to be formed in 2008, its scope of work handled all Computer Networks in the University of Mercu Buana. Previously this unit was called Cybernet which handles Computer Networks and Application Systems, but order to be more focused then since 2008 began to be separated and PJI only deal with Computer Networks. In 2014 PJI changed its name to POSSI (Center for Operational Support & Information Systems) the task is still the same as the task after changing its name to BOTI.

At present BOTI is one of the units in the IT directorate of Mercu Buana University that handles problems related to Internet networks (Hardware & Software), to maintain the stability of the internet network within a university lighthouse, BOTI provides internet bandwidth that is sufficient to support lecture activities, bandwidth which is currently available at: 645 Mbps, and Wifi has been installed at some point, for now around 202 points.

In addition to the internet network, BOTI handles Computer and LCD Devices in class and units, and makes Email / SSO at Mercu Buana University, for the academic community to make these e-mails to support lecture activities.