5 Websites Can Replace Software on Computers

Software that might be heavy, takes up a lot of memory, and even makes your computer slow, probably maintained because of its usefulness. For example Photoshop, Anti-Virus software, video editors, and many other software. But do you know? It turns out there is no need to install software on a computer, now many websites are already “powerful”, so they can replace the software that you have installed before. Capitalize on internet quota, the computer becomes more “relieved” and not too heavy in memory. Here are 5 examples of useful websites, and are quite capable of making you uninstall the software on your computer:


Who would have thought there was a website for editing videos as fast and as complete as WeVideo. A video editor that has always had a slow impression, is no longer visible on this website. This is what makes WeVideo get an award from TechDigest as a Cool Tool and Website Trendsetter in 2017. So it’s clear, WeVideo can greatly replace Adobe Premiere Pro or Cyberlink PowerDirector. Although, you have to pay a subscription for a business type account, and a trial tool for an education type account.


Maybe many already know. If we are bored with the PowerPoint presentation format, then the Prezi website can be an alternative that is not only more beautiful, but compatibility is guaranteed.

Virus Total

One website tool that is incorporated with this Google group functions as a virus scanner. Named Total Virus, this website is enough to replace your anti-virus software on your computer if you diligently scan viruses manually when downloading files or visiting urls. Hayo, want to be dependent on anti-virus but still “miss” too, or start being careful and scan everything yourself?

Online Convert

Actually on the internet there are many converter equipment available on various websites. But it seems nothing can be as complete as Online Convert. In fact, on this website we can do cross-conversion, such as the MOV format to JPG image format, and so on. This is effective to replace applications such as Format Factory or similar software.


For this website, you can say it’s very capable of replacing a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop. Apart from being lightweight and complete, this website is 100 percent free!

Frequently Passing Free WiFi? Be careful, ok! There is a danger that continues to lurk

Jakarta, Mercu Buana – The development of computers and the internet today is growing rapidly. Builders of internet infrastructure for remote areas of Indonesia were pursued as the next internet development target. Like a plant that grows from time to time, it seems the internet in Indonesia is growing. However, what is very unfortunate is that the Broadband internet network, which should be able to meet user expectations, tends to miss expectations. That is why users in Indonesia prefer to hunt for free hotspots in order for the network to be obtained faster and more stable and of course free. Indeed, who doesn’t like free internet? Some users who use the internet are free, maybe some of them do not know how dangerous it is to use the internet for free. The danger of this free hidden Wi-fi you should know before regret at the end. Therefore, let’s look at the following!

  1. Looking at inappropriate content In addition to violating the norms and ethics, accessing adult smelling content should indeed be avoided especially in the public area by using this free WiFi. Especially if done in a public place can change the way people see you.
  2. Deep Web or Dark Web Site Deep Web is a dangerous site that has many viruses in it. Not only spying on what pages are visited but also users. In various cases, this site can hijack a webcam, front camera, or it can also hijack your microphone.
  3. Internet banking will be left over if you are not careful when transacting online through free Wi-Fi even though internet banking has improved its security. Because free Wi-fi is not built with high security, you should not transact online with internet banking when using free Wi-fi.
  4. Accessing sensitive information Browsing activities that sound ordinary will be something that must be avoided when free Wi-Fi when browsing to find sensitive information. Let’s just look for information about a truth such as a covert event, State or company secret. Because free Wi-fi data traffic is very easy to hijack.

This article has been aired on Kompas.com with the title: Frequently Passing Free Free WiFi? Be careful, ok! There is a danger that continues to lurk , https://www.beritateknologi.com/sering-numpang-wifi-gratis-sembarangan-hati-hati-ya-ada-bahaya-yang-terus-mengintai/

Tips for Speeding up Google Chrome Performance with Maintained RAM Usage Levels

Jakarta, Mercu Buana – Often the use of Chrome is considered happy to eat RAM. Or some other cases Chrome runs slowly. This is of course very frustrating. In fact, there are tables of ways to overcome this. You can still get maximum performance from Google Chrome with a limited level of RAM usage. The following is how:

  1. Closing the process manually If your Chrome runs slowly, you can simply see a list of processes that are running. To enter Task Manager, press Shift + Esc for Windows or from the Window menu if you are using a Mac. Then you can sort the process according to memory usage and turn off anything that is not needed.
  2. Get rid of all extensions that are not used manually. You only need to download videos at one time, that doesn’t mean you need extensions at all times. You must selectively sort out the extensions that you install and select which extensions you keep. So type chrome: // extension into the address bar to save extensions that aren’t needed regularly that are still useful. Then delete extensions that you find useless.
  3. For all plugins to work manually Chrome since last year has blocked Flash ads except the main website. But chrome already includes “click to play” where chrome does not automatically play or play every plugin. You can activate it in chrome: // settings, click on Show Advanced settings, then click Content settings under Privacy. Scroll down to the Plugins section and select ‘Let me choose when to run plugin content.’
  4. One tab and The Great Suspender If you tend to keep lots of tabs and don’t intend to change those habits, there are some extensions that can help. The two most popular choices are One Tab and The Great Suspender. One Tab basically lets you close each tab that opens with one click and convert it to a list. Whenever you need to access the tab again, you can return everything at once or individually by clicking on the respective link. You can also easily export and import your tab as a list of URLs. Depending on how many tabs you are running and how many scripts are running on your tab, moving them to OneTab can significantly improve performance.
  5. Data Saver Extension If your connection is slow or long loading, you can use this extension. This extension can help reduce data usage by using company servers to compress pages before they are visited. But keep in mind that pages accessed from private connections or HTTPS or incognito tabs will not be optimized or not seen by Google.

This article has been aired on Kompas.com with the title: Tips to Speed up Google Chrome Performance with a Maintained RAM Usage Level. More: https://www.beritateknologi.com/tips-mempercepat-performa-google-chrome-dengan-tingkat-pemakaian-ram-yang-terjaga/

Use of VPN in Indonesia Will Be Regulated by Communication and Information Technology

Jakarta, Mercu Buana – The rise of the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in Indonesia, has led the government to review regulations related to this service. The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) opens the possibility to regulate VPN service permits in Indonesia. According to the Director General of Information Applications, Samuel Pangerapan, the step was taken because the use of free VPNs raises the risk of theft of user data. In addition, according to Samuel, free VPNs can also be misused to spread spyware. “Therefore, we review regulations that VPN services must be licensed,” Samuel said. Quoting the news from Antaranews on Friday (6/14/2019), even so, Kominfo stressed that there would be no prohibition to use VPN in Indonesia, even though the regulation would later be issued. Also read: Many Sites Are Blocked, Indonesia Becomes VPN Users The highest VPN is actually a closed internet service that is made precisely to protect user data. The use of VPN has also been applied in large companies, for example banking. Many banks use VPN to protect user data from the risk of data theft. So, the question arises as to why there are VPN makers who provide services for free. “All ISPs have VPN services, because they are connected to other internet services,” he continued. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Communication and Information has not been able to confirm when this regulation will be completed. Because the regulation is currently still in the assessment stage. Also read: Here’s How to Install a VPN in the Opera Browser The rise of VPN usage in Indonesia was triggered by restrictions on social media access by the Ministry of Communication and Information as an impact of post-Election action on May 22. At that time, the Ministry of Communication and Information limited a number of features on social media to suppress the circulation of hoax news. A number of applications and social media are restricted, namely Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

This article has been aired on Kompas.com with the title “Kominfo Will Manage the Use of VPN in Indonesia”, https://tekno.kompas.com/read/2019/06/14/07555487/kominfo-bakal-atur-pengunakan-vpn- in Indonesia.
Author: Yudha Pratomo
Editor: Reska K. Nistanto