5 Websites Can Replace Software on Computers

Software that might be heavy, takes up a lot of memory, and even makes your computer slow, probably maintained because of its usefulness. For example Photoshop, Anti-Virus software, video editors, and many other software. But do you know? It turns out there is no need to install software on a computer, now many websites are already “powerful”, so they can replace the software that you have installed before. Capitalize on internet quota, the computer becomes more “relieved” and not too heavy in memory. Here are 5 examples of useful websites, and are quite capable of making you uninstall the software on your computer:


Who would have thought there was a website for editing videos as fast and as complete as WeVideo. A video editor that has always had a slow impression, is no longer visible on this website. This is what makes WeVideo get an award from TechDigest as a Cool Tool and Website Trendsetter in 2017. So it’s clear, WeVideo can greatly replace Adobe Premiere Pro or Cyberlink PowerDirector. Although, you have to pay a subscription for a business type account, and a trial tool for an education type account.


Maybe many already know. If we are bored with the PowerPoint presentation format, then the Prezi website can be an alternative that is not only more beautiful, but compatibility is guaranteed.

Virus Total

One website tool that is incorporated with this Google group functions as a virus scanner. Named Total Virus, this website is enough to replace your anti-virus software on your computer if you diligently scan viruses manually when downloading files or visiting urls. Hayo, want to be dependent on anti-virus but still “miss” too, or start being careful and scan everything yourself?

Online Convert

Actually on the internet there are many converter equipment available on various websites. But it seems nothing can be as complete as Online Convert. In fact, on this website we can do cross-conversion, such as the MOV format to JPG image format, and so on. This is effective to replace applications such as Format Factory or similar software.


For this website, you can say it’s very capable of replacing a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop. Apart from being lightweight and complete, this website is 100 percent free!


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