Use of VPN in Indonesia Will Be Regulated by Communication and Information Technology

Jakarta, Mercu Buana – The rise of the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in Indonesia, has led the government to review regulations related to this service. The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) opens the possibility to regulate VPN service permits in Indonesia. According to the Director General of Information Applications, Samuel Pangerapan, the step was taken because the use of free VPNs raises the risk of theft of user data. In addition, according to Samuel, free VPNs can also be misused to spread spyware. “Therefore, we review regulations that VPN services must be licensed,” Samuel said. Quoting the news from Antaranews on Friday (6/14/2019), even so, Kominfo stressed that there would be no prohibition to use VPN in Indonesia, even though the regulation would later be issued. Also read: Many Sites Are Blocked, Indonesia Becomes VPN Users The highest VPN is actually a closed internet service that is made precisely to protect user data. The use of VPN has also been applied in large companies, for example banking. Many banks use VPN to protect user data from the risk of data theft. So, the question arises as to why there are VPN makers who provide services for free. “All ISPs have VPN services, because they are connected to other internet services,” he continued. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Communication and Information has not been able to confirm when this regulation will be completed. Because the regulation is currently still in the assessment stage. Also read: Here’s How to Install a VPN in the Opera Browser The rise of VPN usage in Indonesia was triggered by restrictions on social media access by the Ministry of Communication and Information as an impact of post-Election action on May 22. At that time, the Ministry of Communication and Information limited a number of features on social media to suppress the circulation of hoax news. A number of applications and social media are restricted, namely Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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Author: Yudha Pratomo
Editor: Reska K. Nistanto


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