Frequently Passing Free WiFi? Be careful, ok! There is a danger that continues to lurk

Jakarta, Mercu Buana – The development of computers and the internet today is growing rapidly. Builders of internet infrastructure for remote areas of Indonesia were pursued as the next internet development target. Like a plant that grows from time to time, it seems the internet in Indonesia is growing. However, what is very unfortunate is that the Broadband internet network, which should be able to meet user expectations, tends to miss expectations. That is why users in Indonesia prefer to hunt for free hotspots in order for the network to be obtained faster and more stable and of course free. Indeed, who doesn’t like free internet? Some users who use the internet are free, maybe some of them do not know how dangerous it is to use the internet for free. The danger of this free hidden Wi-fi you should know before regret at the end. Therefore, let’s look at the following!

  1. Looking at inappropriate content In addition to violating the norms and ethics, accessing adult smelling content should indeed be avoided especially in the public area by using this free WiFi. Especially if done in a public place can change the way people see you.
  2. Deep Web or Dark Web Site Deep Web is a dangerous site that has many viruses in it. Not only spying on what pages are visited but also users. In various cases, this site can hijack a webcam, front camera, or it can also hijack your microphone.
  3. Internet banking will be left over if you are not careful when transacting online through free Wi-Fi even though internet banking has improved its security. Because free Wi-fi is not built with high security, you should not transact online with internet banking when using free Wi-fi.
  4. Accessing sensitive information Browsing activities that sound ordinary will be something that must be avoided when free Wi-Fi when browsing to find sensitive information. Let’s just look for information about a truth such as a covert event, State or company secret. Because free Wi-fi data traffic is very easy to hijack.

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